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North Hollywood Cosmetic Dentist

Expert Los Angeles dentist and periodontist Dr. Bijan Afar, and his excellent team of dentists and staff members, have recently opened an office location in North Hollywood. Anyone searching for a superb cosmetic dentist in North Hollywood should contact Dr. Afar's office for a consultation appointment.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is an unofficial branch of dentistry that has become a popular buzzword. Implicit in the term is the improvement of dental aesthetics. As such, cosmetic dentists mostly focus on techniques such as straightening teeth, whitening teeth, and reshaping crooked, overlapping, or chipped teeth

However, a modern North Hollywood cosmetic dentist like Dr. Afar offers far more than teeth whitening and braces. Dr. Afar is a North Hollywood cosmetic dentist who can create a whole new smile for you. One glimpse at Dr. Afar's “before and after” photo gallery on his website reveals his skills as a periodontist and as a North Hollywood cosmetic dentist.

As a North Hollywood cosmetic dentist, Dr. Bijan Afar is concerned about more than just the beauty of your smile; he wants you to have healthier teeth.

Periodontal Treatments Can Give You Back Your Smile

You'll find yourself smiling a lot more often after you leave Dr. Afar's office. One reason is that your new smile will be beautiful, straight, and white. Another reason you'll smile is that you'll be so happy to be free from the difficulties that unhealthy and crooked teeth can bring, such as speech impediments and problems with chewing.

As a skilled North Hollywood cosmetic dentist, Dr. Afar relies upon both non-surgical and surgical treatments. Common non-surgical treatments include scaling and root planing, where tooth roots are gingerly cleaned and smoothed. Root planing stops infections in the gums before they seep into the bone.

When the gum line is uneven, Dr. Afar sometimes uses laser surgery to remove excess gum tissue, which evens the gum line and improves your smile.

Surgical periodontal treatments include placement of dental implants, which restore missing teeth in a way that looks and feels completely natural. Well-placed dental implants give you back your ability to chew and speak without pain or embarrassment.

A North Hollywood Dentist Who Cares

Dr. Afar and his team of skilled dentists, endodontists, orthodontists, and pediatric dentists are totally dedicated to their patients. The testimonials on Dr. Afar's website reveal a North Hollywood dentist who truly cares about all his patients and their various dental needs.

To make an appointment with a North Hollywood dentist call (818) 824-8228. With the help of cosmetic dentists at NOHO Dental Group, your smile can be beautiful and healthy again.


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