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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation DentistrySedation dentistry is used by our North Hollywood dentist to provide a relaxing and comfortable visit for a patient that experiences fears or phobias about dental treatments. This allows a patient to receive needed treatments without experiencing anxiety or discomfort.

Dental fears are common and our dentist understands how anxiety can affect a person and contribute to the avoidance of necessary dental treatments. Sedation is used effectively to provide total relaxation during any dental treatment. There are different options that a person can select. These methods are:

• Nitrous Oxide
• Oral Sedation
• Full Anesthesia

Do you have a phobia of going to the dentist? Our North Hollywood dentist provides sedation dentistry techniques that can easily put you in a relaxed state throughout your treatment.

Each sedation option will depend on the level of anxiety that is experienced during treatment. Nitrous Oxide is commonly referred to as laughing gas and is administered safely while inducing a state of complete relaxation. The patient remains alert yet completely relaxed during this level of sedation. The oral sedation method does not require inhalation to be administered and is used in a standard pill form. The special sedative pill is orally ingested before the treatment is started. This provides a relaxed and comfortable state for a patient that experiences dental anxiety. More severe cases of anxiety can be controlled and corrected with full anesthesia that is administered by our licensed dental anesthesiologist. This sedation allows a patient to relax in a sleeplike state during the treatment.

Our North Hollywood dentist provides several options for our patients to receive needed dental care without anxiety, fears or phobias causing stress. These modern advancements may be safely used for children and adults after determining the level of anxiety that is experienced during the initial consultation.

Don’t put off necessary dental work just because of fear. With sedation dentistry techniques offered by our North Hollywood dentist you can be completely relaxed during treatments.




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