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Zoom Whitening

Zoom WhiteningLooking for the fastest and best way to brighten your smile? Zoom whitening, a revolutionary system for teeth bleaching, will whiten your teeth up to eight shades and, in most cases, can be performed in less than an hour!

The Zoom teeth whitening system begins with a visit to our North Hollywood cosmetic dentist to check the overall health of your teeth. Almost anyone is a good candidate for Zoom, although small children and those with significant health issues may not be. However, if your teeth are basically sound and healthy, you are an excellent candidate to enjoy the benefits of Zoom!

Once our North Hollywood dentist has examined your teeth, the Zoom whitening treatment can begin immediately. It is often best to have a professional cleaning before a Zoom treatment, especially if you have not had your teeth cleaned for some time.

The dentist applies the Zoom teeth whitening gel to your teeth, and it immediately goes to work lifting stains from deep within your tooth enamel. Zoom whitening gel is peroxide-based, and helps to get your teeth their whitest by working its way into the enamel of your teeth- bleaching old, stubborn stains and giving you an amazingly white smile.

However, that is not the end of the Zoom whitening treatment. What makes Zoom unique is the use of a patented UV light which enhances the action of the Zoom gel. This UV light activates the peroxide, causing it to work harder and better as it works its way into your tooth enamel.

While you are having the Zoom teeth whitening treatment, you will experience no pain or discomfort. You can watch television, read, or listen to music. When approximately one hour has passed, the dentist will remove the gel from your teeth and you can take a look at your beautiful new smile!

Have you always dreamed of having whiter, brighter teeth? Our North Hollywood cosmetic dentist can help you achieve that with the Zoom whitening treatment.

Zoom whitening works faster and harder to remove stains from your teeth than any at-home product. Unlike take-home whitening systems, the entire procedure takes less than one hour and will give you far better results.

Talk to our expert about Zoom teeth whitening today, and start enjoying a bright, healthy smile!

Do you want to get your teeth whiter up to eight shades? Our North Hollywood dentist can administer Zoom teeth whitening treatment and give you the amazing results you are looking for.



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