Cosmetic Dentist Helping People Deal With Sensitive Teeth

Are you avoiding eating or drinking hot or cold drinks and foods, due to pain or sensitivity?

Once in a while you will meet a

good cosmetic dentist knowing

well what is going on.

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Sensitive teeth are one of the most common dental complaints we hear about in the dental landscape. When eating anything cold of just breathing in the cold winter air can be debilitatingly painful.

Are veneers cheap? 

This question was asked by a client – but what they really wanted to know, was is ‘do veneers solve tooth sensitivity?’ – in all honesty – we were going to find out.

This scenario is much more common than you would think.

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To prevent your gums from receding, we recommend to our clients that investing in a good rechargeable electric toothbrush is something that will repay itself in its value over and over again. Not just any old electric toothbrush will do though, so make sure that you get one with a “Pressure Sensor” – we will get to why this is important shortly.

What is so great about pressure sensors?
The sensor will let you know when you are pressing too hard whilst brushing, limiting the potential for damage (you won’t believe how often tooth sensitivity is caused by over brushing, or brushing too hard.

A visit with the hygienist is invaluable, as they will teach you how to brush your teeth correctly.

Tooth sensitivity is due to either the enamel, (the outer/protective layer of the tooth), being very thin or eroded. Or the dentine, the underlying root surface, being exposed to the elements – think of a rocky road candy covered in chocolate (I know – this is a dental blog, but hear me out) – and at the center of this chocolate bar is a gooey caramel center. – once the chocolate is brished away liquids and cold air can come into contact with the caramel (nerve).

This erosion can be the result of many destructive factors like over-brushing, gum recession, acid erosion or grinding. (this is not an exhaustive list)

In some cases, following years of neglect, no amount of specialist toothpaste will make a difference and the only two ways to provide the patient with relief is to either put fillings on the teeth to protect them and prevent further wear or to bond them with a solution like Sensobond. see

The filling will be the same shade as your teeth and can restore their aesthetics, making them look shiny and white again!

Sensobond acts as a resin that seals the dentine and enamel strenthening the tooth and retaining its apperance – of the tooth is white the Sensobond will be white, it matches the current color of the tooth.

The dentine in our teeth is very porous and the cold or hot will pass straight through it into the nerve, causing sensitivity and in some cases sever pain. (hard cracked caramel)

The most common way to stop your teeth being sensitive is to change your normal toothpaste for one tailored to sensitive teeth (Sensodyne or Colgate). There are many in the market – but the ones we have tried and tested and recommend to our patients are “Repair and Protect” by Sensodyne or “Sensitive Pro-Relief” by Colgate. They both work by forming a protective barrier over the teeth, thus decreasing the degree of pain felt when eating or drinking cold or hot foods. It is worth nothing that most sensitive toothpastes take 2-3 weeks to make a difference, so please do not discontinue use or become disheartened if you don’t notice dramatic relief straight away – alternatively, search the internet for your neares Sensobond provider.

One of the reasons for tooth sensitivity is gum recession. Over-brushing can cause this. An incorrect brushing technique can cause a lot of damage, if you press too hard and/or the brush bristles are in the wrong angel you are basically wearing away the enamel surface of your teeth every time you brush. The bad news is that once the gum recedes it will never go back, the damage is done.

My recommendations is to start meditating, relax and find a good cosmetic dentist and stop grinding your teeth. – See a dentist about a sensitivity toothpaste or look into getting Sensobond treatment – and – get a softer tooth brush.