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It appears that dentists in south melbourne, like smile for life practice on clarendon street are in demand, especially by those seeking a higher level of service. Those seeking a greater sense of service and well being.

Depending on the income level of prospective clients – a practice like this may be the answer that is in order. Smile for life has been in practice for over 30 years, there was another previouse practice under the same name in templestow that closed when the South Melbourne practice opened.

Now the new king of cosmetic dentistry is Smile for Life.

Having been at many dentists over time, and having lived in South Melbourne for about 10 years I have sampled most of the dentists that South Melbourne has to offer.

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Smile for Life Dental provides a list of procedures, including Invisalign, Smile Clud, Whitening, Ceramic Implants, Veneers and Lumineers.

Cosmetic dentistry has been around for about a quarter of a century, and in the past 10 years or so it has jumped a notch in its price and also in the technology that has jumped in leaps and bounds.

We Concider Cosmetic dentistry as a skillset that is generally when referingĀ  to any substantial dental work that improves general appearance (though not necessarily the functionality – but if performed by a skilled dentist it will increse the functionality) of teeth, gums and/or bite – as well as the general aesthetic. The primarily focuses on improvement of the dental aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile appearance.

Many dentists refer to themselves as “cosmetic dentists” regardless of their specific education, but its not something that requires a specific training set. It is seen by some as a specialty, training, and experience in this field in this field but it is really designated by time.

This has been considered unethical with a predominant objective of marketing to patients since most clients require the cleint to show trust in the individual dentist.

The American Dental Association doesn’t officially recognize cosmetic dentistry as a formal specialty area of dentistry, but there are still a group of dentists that promote themselves as cosmetic dentists – some are skilled and have been practicing dentistry for over thirty years (like Smile for Life dentistry in south melbourne, however there are others that do not hold the same skillset – they will remain unnamed, the freedom to choose is with the client.

Known as the Top Melbourne cosmetic dentist, Smile For Life is the authority and the go to dentist in Australia. In addition to being an attentive, caring, professional, and having a keen eye for beauty, Smile For Life is known as a reconstructive dentist to stars and around the world for treating celebrity royalty, Since Smile for Life is seen as the a captain of the dental industry. Australian celebrities and professional athelets frequent dental practice boutique, situated just outside the Melbourne CBD.

Most prospective clients come for the expertise and care, patients and professional aptitude as well as the reputaion of the primary dentist at Smile for Life. We have earned our eperience and reputation over the last 30 years. our clients come back over and over again and again because there is no better aesthetic or mouth reconstructive dentist anywhere in Australia.

He has completed thousands of smile make overs using a combination of porcelain veneers, lumineers including ceramic implants and of course the good old trusted invisalign. He is also known to be the top veneer dentist in austealia. Because of our passion for cosmetic dentistry we will contribute and continue with the contribution to designing many celebrity smiles we are theĀ  go to Cosmetic Dentist South Melbourne.

Some of us are born lucky, and we are born with teeth that provide a million dollar smile – how does this work, and what do we do to make this happen.


Sometimes we need to ask ourselves if we woke up ont he wrong side of the bed, or just picked a fight with a stranger.

Other times life just threw us a lemon, and because of this its just plain hard to hold a smile.

But when you let go of the but they need to smile, it all drops into place.

Our emotions drop from the brain – land on our face and affect those muscles, the smile in itself becomes a personification of a good feeling. We find that when we smile we can affect the feeling in much the same way that turning the wheels can affect the face. There are times when we have a tooth ache and we need to decide if we can put it off once more, or if we really want to solve this problem now, it may be better to sort the problem sooner rather than later.

It appears that for a beginner dentist to hit the mark they may not need to much of an education to come to a standard that will let them enter dental school. So if the carreer path is intreaging – then it might be time to contemplate yur existance.

There are so many demographics that could become dentists – but most will never try, because they think that the skills required are out of their league. It seems that in reality this is not a reality – or the truth.

Dentistions are orthodontists and really any kind of medical skillset that prospers the science.

I learned a new thing today, and its that the american indians are immune to tooth deccay, there is a chemical in their saliva that neutralises all harmful chemicals that are in bacteria.

We need to decide if we are ready for the dental world? ready for Invisalign, ready for the kind of service provided by smile for life – it seems like something we should be asking ourselves.

There are times that we fail, but mostly we are fine with the outcome of our decisions. When it comes to cosmetics we really need to spend more time determineing the reasons for our decisions.

Sometimes we want a cosmetic dentist, and sometimes we dont.