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we look at new things and we think, dentistry – it hasn’t changed.

What is new in the world of teeth – nothing, nothing that I can think of.

But this is a fallacy, many new things come about, many things that came about because of the space race – NASA, ceramics, heat resistant bonding, Sensobond, Invisalign, the list goes on. Click Here

Is it important that we know these things you ask? Well, it is because going around with gaps and cracks and chips, avoiding cold drinks and ice cream and hot soups are all things that not only impact us, but also our families and friends. The impact our social and professional development, not because we have horrendous smiles, but because we avoid the social aspect that comes with having a nice smile.

at they have been practicing dentistry for over 30 years

So what is so great about the current day, about the present, why should I act now?

Well for one, most procedures have a curing period, a period during which the wires must pull, or the ceramic must set, or the Invisalign must Invisalign – so starting tomorrow only delays the final result. Secondly, damage may be being done whilst you put off the corrective process.

We routinely recommend Smile for Life to cowardly clients

If you wait, you may well be grinding your teeth, of chipping them – the niggly feeling you are feeling is your body telling you that something is wrong and needs to be attended to.


Thirdly, the cost of a dental appointment these days is free, most dentist, especially the cosmetic ones will take you onboard for free, you will most likely get the check-up at no cost, the only cost comes into the work being done by the given dentist of your choice.

So why wait? Why delay the fix or extend the pain?

This comes down to a step you need to take, I’m not sure if you realise this but we have evolved the choose less risk over risk, and in this case, risk is uncertainty, and we have definitely evolved to avoid uncertainty – avoiding risk and uncertainty has resulted in a longer life – but in this case, in the dental case, this is not so. In the world of dentistry – uncertainty results in more pain, more risk, and more actual danger down the line.

Your jaw is close to your brain, it’s part of the same limb.

delaying treatment means that infection may spread into your blood stream and move its way up, up into the brain.

Knowing this though won’t get you to act, what you need to do is employ a tactic called counter factual simulation – this is an interesting one, counter factual simulation is the scenario where you imagine having perfect teeth, white and new, like the day you were born (but as an adult, and one with teeth, not just gums like an old person, that would be gross, ok actually that’s not the best example) but anyway, like they were when you were a 19 year old sports model.

Imagine those teeth, white, straight no stains no cracks, and your smile is looking amazing because of it – just beaming, I would say in the image in your brain you are either eating an apple, or you are a little sweaty – someone is in love with you – now take that feeling and wind it up, churn it into a coil. Now every time you think about the pain of dentistry, stand up and imagine the beauty of your smile, imagine looking amazing and being wealthy and successful and happy because of it. Then release that coil.

This is a process that the most important and wealthy and successful people use to overcome those things they do not want to do.

Why would they need to do that? Because they are normal people like you and me, the only difference is that they actually do those things. They do the things we imagine doing.

They also have straight teeth because they understand that a smile actually means a lot in the game of life.

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You should, it’s quite exhilarating to know that you are the one that is driving your destiny, that you are the one that is in control of your beast.

You can gnash your teeth, show your gums and be aggressive in this world – make these things happen – force the change that is required.

When we first fear the unknown, we move into a state of shock, we analyse everything, we check every site against every other site – then we realise, in the time it took us to analyse everything we really could just have taken the next step and gotten the veneers, or the Sensobond – why didn’t we, because we fear these things. Smile for Life

We fear what we do not know – what do not understand – we fear what makes cringe.

Over 65% of adults will judge you by the quality of your smile, not that of your character, the world is not there yet – it looks at the way you look, its superficial influence is far reaching, but it exists non the less.

We constantly judge ourselves by the highest measures, and now when we finally decide that we needn’t, we then chicken out and convince ourselves that the way in which we judge not only ourselves but everyone we see somehow won’t apply to us – we know it does.

We go to clinics and we find out what kind of work the dentist, or dentists do, we won’t get it done this year.

We won’t go to any Melbourne dentists, the experience we receive at a Melbourne clinic may be great but we still won’t do it.

There are some dentists with great reviews and they will have shown how caring they can be, but still we will wait.

Still we will wait.

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