Freedom to choose your dental treatment

‘Once upon a midnight dreary when I pondered weak and weary’ I lie awake at night pondering my very existance.


When I have the freedom to chose my orthodontics provider ( , why do I feel so constricted, restricted and directed? – restricted and unable to replicate that very feeling when I am flipping through the phone book – this very reason is why freedom is contricting.

Parralasys by analysis is the term used to describe someone that has an overwealming number of choices to ponder and no clear winner in that race.

Skill, age and determination, along with experience, those things together build trust.

And trust is what we seek when we are looking for a dentist.

Trust and dependibility – although, some would say that if you don’t have one, you won’t have the other.

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I am trying to convince a dentist that I know that we need to pay to have a visual representation of graphical data made. It turns out that visual data is easily digested, and people enjoy reviewing the actual content.

Dentists, have a tendancy to remain within the safe space in which they work. We all do, we fear change, but its not change that we fear, its uncertainty.

We need to work on discussing with our clients, that the uncertainty of the current oral landscape – the current place in your mind is uncertain about what others think about your smile, wearing invisible or clear retainers may well fix distorted teeth, teeth that are pointing all over the place are realistically noit attractive, and unfortunate as this may be – we judge success based on the quality of a smile.

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We all are constantly searching for the best, and unfortunately the best comes at a cost, so now we are looking at how we balance cost for service – its not easy.

But you get what you pay for.