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The most incredible prosthodontist found in South Melbourne Australia has rained as an orthodontic surgeon for over 20 or 30 years. Having participated in dental conferences in the USA and across Europe, this endodontist has increased his skillset on a constant basis but providing training to all of his staff. Ongoing staff training is amazing – the one thing that I have accepted and respected is that training involved with a skilled periodontist needs to be ongoing, it needs to maintain its function and the dentist needs to maintain their drive.

I watched a documentary aboutpedodontists in Australia, and was interested to see that medical man is still used in rural areas to describe that skillset. A fantastic skillset that is hard to build.

We seek a dental practitioner that suits our needs, one that is calming and caring, patient and willing to listen to what we need, not necessarily what we want – a good dentist seeks to please us by providing knowledge and skill about what we need.

When picking an orthodontist it is important to ask your dentist if they have this skillset, if they do then this costly scenario can be avoided, think about it, a dentist that has been practicing high level functions like cosmetic dentistry, or celebrity dentistry, they can provide most of the functions provided by an orthodontist.

Of course you mustnt forget that an actuisl orthodontist will be have trained for at lest 3 years in order to maximise their understanding of the jaw.

I personally always ask for a skilled exodontist as my medical practitioner so that I am certain of the outcome, I dont want to pay a couple of thousand dollars in the hope that the outcome will look good – I expect a decent outcome. Nothing amature or crazy.

A good tooth doctor muh like that character from Django unchained used to ride around in a wooden carriage saving slaves – he was an incredible character and his value came as a dental surgeon. The general esthetic is important when viewing the golden ratio. All faces are not the same.

So again, as a recap, the enhancive properties associated with cosmetic dentistry, will iprove the total aesthetic principle of the face – it seems stranger to bring math into the ‘build’ of the perfect face, but it makes complete sense.

We love faces – and we love the golden ratio – the problem again boils down to when a client needs the skill assocaited and gathered over time and practice – having seen thousands if not millions of faces.

We but dream of the perfect face, clean white teeth and a beaming smile.

What more is there to start the day.

How would  one go about the creation of perfection, the creaion of beauty, how would you link beauty and perfection to the facilitaion of creation?

When and why are we attracted to certain looks, certain proportions -do these proportions change over time?

I find it interesting to look at what was concidered beautiful during the victorian era – when we absolutely loved plump ladies, think of the art, a round bottom was an indication of wealth, and actually, its still a problem today, not the plumpness, that will most likely be around for as long as food tasted good and tastes better than exercise – the wealth part.

In the past, wealth is what was associated with dentition. – good teeth were expensive to maintain.

Now, invisalign and other clear orthodontic solutions are cheap as chips (if chips cost $9000) so still ‘not cheap’ but we earn more, and these products are aimed at those who need to put their smile in the lime light.

Celebrities in all reality love their image but seem to lack confidence in that same look. and  great dentist will ensure that they build their confidence.

Creating confidence in a dental client goes further than anything.

A client that feels great about their smile, will also feel great about recommending a dentist to their friends.

About 4 years ago in melbourne, most dentists were frowned upon by their clients and therefore by the generalpublic as a rule.

Times however have changed.

We now love cosmetic dentistry – the nature of personal development and the coming to age of a generation that no klonger feels that they need to keep their cash close to heart. now we are merely wanting to live happily – not in fear or pain.

We seek the things we love, and we avoid the things that cause us pain.

I have been watching my child at play and come to the realisation that we are the architects of our universe. We need to realise that once we have passed on, we are unable to enjoy life in the way we would want to.

Now it is up to us to make it all happen.

We love to live and love to maintain our happiness – the only things that are keeping us back are fear or lazyness, and neither of those whould count as a reason at the end of the day.

Ceramic and glass prosthetics have developed so fast, and can be milled by hand in a lab onsite, we know that we an get what we want and when we want it, yet we hopld off because we might be able to get it later on in life – we know that no other time other than now exists.

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We tried to contact Clarendon Street Dental for comment, but they did not respond — we don’t necessarily see this as an ommison of guilt, it may just be that they have not been successfully notified of any wrongdoing. But multiple wrong reviews linked back to their practice is not the best.

The question we should be askling is if sensodyne or colgate act as tooth sensitivity treatments in the long run? or if they merely mask tooth pain. Sometimes I ask my child if his teeth react to the things he eats, the mindframe needs to change – we doing think about the way that things are being held together – and we really should.